Sagamihara Old History

Source:Mitsuji Zama, Akitoshi Kanzaki et al., Sagamihara-- History of my town series, Bun-ich Sogo Shuppan, 1984
出典:座間美都治,神崎彰利著 わが町の歴史シリーズ 相模原 1984年 文一総合出版社

200 Million Years ago(200万年前)below sea level 海中
6-1 Million Years ago(6-1百万年前)Deposition of red clay or so-called Kanto loam layer from active volcanoes, such as Mt. Fuji, Mt.Asama and Mt.Hakone. 富士山・浅間山・箱根山等の火山灰による関東ローム層の堆積
3 Million Years ago(3百万年前)oldest ruin found at Kamimizo, Sagamihara.(old stone age) 市内上溝地区で発見されている最古の遺跡
5000 Years ago(5000年前)Small Villages at places. Some 60 houses were found at Katsusaka-ruin, where is famous in Katsusaka-earthen vessel, standard age measure of Japanese history. 集落形成.勝坂遺跡では60軒を超える竪穴式住居跡も見つかっている.勝坂遺跡で見つかった土器は時代区分の標準となっており,勝坂式土器と呼ばれている.
5-6th CenturySmall shrine which is considered to be build to warship water source, was found. 水源を祭祀する祠が発見された
7th CenturyMany old tombs,such as circular shaped 20 meters in dia and surrounded by water channel 2 meters wide, were found. 古墳時代の古墳も発見されており,20メートルほどの円形古墳で周りを溝で囲まれているものなどがある.
701Record of hard wind damage and rice field locust damage was found. 風害や蝗害の記録あり
741Sagami-Kokubunji shrine was built. The central hall is 16m x 34m in size. 聖武天皇による国分寺造営命令があり相模国分寺(16m x 34mの金堂)建設

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