FARAN OAM 1/Jan/97

FARAN Annual New Year On Air Meeting 1997

"FARAN's annual On Air Meeting was held on 1 January 1997 at 2100JST on 80 meter band. FARAN stands for Fujitsu Amateur Radio All Network, and it is organized of Amateur Radio Operators/Clubs at most Fujitsu locations in Japan. On Air Meeting will be held annually to say hello and exchange personal info. This year, I worked at Nijino-oohashi(rainbow big bridge) in Kiyokawa-Town. It is near newly developed Miyagase-Dam and is about 300 meters above sea level. The "expedition camp" was placed at the parking area next to the bridge. Mr.Nakahara, JJ1XDL joined me there at 20:30pm. We engaged an engine generator and started to construct inverted Vee antenna for 80m bend. At 20:50pm we found Mr. Asami, JH1AEP calling CQ FARAN member. He was from Sawa, Gunma Pref., but very strong and clear. Finally we contacted 8 FARAN members tonight but lucky for under heavy noise(QRN) condition. If we were at Sagamihara City whre I live, we would have missed everyone. You can see me (left)and Mr. Nakahara(right)on the pictures.


恒例のFARAN(Fujitsu Amateur Radio All Network)の新年ミーティングが97年1月1日午後9時から80mバンドで開催されました.私は神奈川県愛甲郡清川村の虹の大橋横に移動して,このミーティングに参加しました.中原さん(JJ1XDL)も急遽参加するということで,現地で8時半に落合いました.約20分でアンテナ(40m長さのワニ口クリップ型インバーテッドV)やガソリン発電機の設営などを完了し,CQ FARANを呼んでいた浅見さん(JH1AEP)と無事交信できた.この夜はノイズが多く,結局8局としか交信できず.おそらく相模原の自宅からオンエアしていたらまったく交信できなかったかもしれない.写真は私(左)と中原氏(右).ログは以下を参照.

From the Log book: 1 Jan. 97 at 3.55498MHz
20:55 59-59 JH1AEP Asami@Sakai-town
21:04 59-59 JR9POO/1 Masuda@Koshigaya-City
21:07 58-59 JA9WA Yoshimoto@Kanazawa-City
21:08 ---47 JI1UZC Yamaoka@Tsukuba-City
21:10 ---59 7M2ALP Furuya@Hadano-City
21:15 ---59 JK2CUT/2 Kikuchi@Kaizu-Town
21:40 ---57 JL2DMG Matsushita@Yaizu-City

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