Bicycle Tour Summer 97 (ヒコヒコ自転車旅行97)

Annual Bicycle Tour 1996. This year's bicycle tour is basically one day tour from Kawasaki City to Enzan City, Yamanashi via Yanagisawa ridge. The tour started at Noborito, Kawasaki at 7 am on 19 June, 1997. They moved along Ome-kaido(road) and Tanba-kaido, and climbed Yanagisawa ridge, 1472m above sea level. Stayed one night at Iwama Hot Spring in Enzan City. Next day some went to Makigaoka to drink beer/wine, and other gone to Daibosatsu ridge, and finally met at Katsunuma to go to BBQ party at Sapporo Winery. I was unable to go by bicycle by some reason and went by car. Other two also gone by car. Members are 4 from Kawasaki, 4 from Tokai, and 1 from Kagoshima.

今年の夏の行事である自転車旅行 今年は,準備が十分にできなかったため,柳沢峠越えとなりました.7月19日朝7時に登戸を出発して,青梅街道,丹波街道沿いに走り,途中柳沢峠(海抜1472m)を越えて,山梨県の塩山市に行き,岩間温泉に一泊しました.翌20日は牧丘ワインコースと,大菩薩峠(へ車で行く)組とに別れ,2時に勝沼駅でおちあい,サッポロビールワイナリへ行きBBQパーティ. 私は準備不足と前日の千葉での飲み会のため,自転車は断念し,車での参加でした. 総勢参加10名で,うち車3人,マラソン参加1名,自転車は川崎より2名,三重から2名,岐阜羽島から1名,鹿児島から1名でした.

Yanagisawa Ridge, 1472m.
On morning, we made rice cake for breakfast.
BBQ at Sapporo Beer Winery. Left to right, Takezono, Akama,Hirano,Manabe. Missing was Mr.Tanaka who returned to Nagoya earlier.
Left to right, Oomura, Kaida, Ikeda, Ueda and Yamamoto(myself).

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