House Rebuilding Project --Busiest month ever...June 1997


We rented a 3 bed room apartment house and temporary moved on 30 June. Before that we discarded more than 2 tons of furniture, like beds, tables, shelves etc. However when we moved we found my junks occupied more than 2 rooms. Though I discarded many things, I till have 6 large racks, large tool boxes, radios and many junks which were stored in a large stock room. We rented an extra rooms for storing, however I had to discard 200Kg next day. For such reason, I was very busy during June. I had to pack everything into boxes every night. I wrote an article of 5 pages to Nikkei Electronics Magazine and Nikkei Device Magazine both issued on 30 July. Since I delayed to submit by 2 weeks, I had to write an article all through Sunday night. I am appointed as a lecturer to the University (Tokyo Institute of Technology) for master course in VLSI (ASIC/Processor/System LSI) on June/July. Nearly 100 foils were arranged to present. I am scheduled to make lecture at Chiba University on July. We lost one of our colleagues by cancer on beginning of June. He looked very health, but passed away suddenly. Besides that we were very busy than usual.

仮住まいにごく近所の日本金属工業の3K社宅を借り,6月30日に一時転居.ベッドや座卓,棚など合計2トンほどを捨てました.3Kの家ということは,ちょうど私の部屋がなくなったことに相当します.引越しをしてみると,私の部屋に有った大型ラック6台や工具箱に使っていた大型の下駄箱,そこにあったパソコン5台,無線機類などや,ベランダにおいていた大型の収納庫などの野持つだけで数部屋を占領するくらいの量があり,移転はしたものの呆然とするありさま.住む3K以外にも保管場所として別の場所を確保はしてはいたものの,それでも足らず,早速移転の翌日には通いなれた清掃工場に200Kgのゴミ処分にいきました. というわけで,6月は休日は勿論,連日物を捨て,ダンボール箱につめる作業を続け,腕っ節も相当に強くなりました.本を詰めたダンボールは大体25Kgにもなります. この忙しいさなかに,会社の仕事もちょうど忙しくなりました. その上,気楽に引き受けた日経エレクトロニクス・日経マイクロデバイスへの記事投稿5ページ(6月30日号)の期限が迫り,あわてて日曜日に徹夜で書き上げたり... さらに一月頃に引き受けた東京工業大学大学院の講師の授業(VLSI工学:ASIC/プロセッサ/システムLSI)が6月,7月と入っていて,その資料作りと講義,7月には千葉大でも何かやる予定になってます. 其の間,会社では部員一名をガンで失い,6月人事では何百人もの人の所属が変わり,などと経験のないほどの動きがありました.

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