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10BaseT cables are connected between my radio room at 2nd floor to other rooms via pipes constructed when we built new house. MN128 is selected as ISDN terminal/DSU and router/hub for inter house LAN. My son bought a PC (IBM Aptiva) and my daughter bought IBM Think Pad 560X. They are more powerful than mine, though I paid about 1.5X money to their total 2 PC post. Oh, thanks to LSI advances and cheaper price. Finally I baught a new PC with PentiumII/400MHz/6GB HDD/64MB RAM(PC-100) just one week after my daughter baught hers. Now, 7 PCs are connected to the HUB.(as of July 1998)

家の新築時にLAN用のパイプを無線室から各部屋に配管しておいたので,各部屋に10BaseTのLANケーブルで結んだ. 2階の無線室にISDNを引き込み,ルーターとハブを置いた.ルーターには一番人気のMN128 SOHO/DSUを採用. 息子がIBMのAptivaを買い,娘が同じIBMのノート型Think Pad 560Xを買った. どうも親父のパソコンよりも強力でメモリも多い. 大昔に買った486/33MHzのマシンはその2台分の価格合計の1.5倍はしたのになあ,と思うが,なにせ何せLSIの性能向上・価格低下にはかなわない. よし,ペンティアム2の400MHzを買っちゃうぞ,とついにPentiumII/400MHz/6GB HDD/64MB RAM(PC-100)を買ってしまった. ともあれ,現在7台のパソコンがLANで接続されている.(1998年7月)

The MN128 ISDN TA/DSU/Router/HUB and a small HUB on it.


After that son bought new PentiumII/450MHz machine with a Viper550 Graphic Accelerator. My computer having Millenium G200 which I aquired at California, then, had to equip with VooDoo2 3D Graphic Accelerator and Sidewinder Joystick , and finally it become the greatest game machine of the century..(as of Jan 99)


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