House Rebuilding Project


Nearly 20 years past since we moved to Sagamihara City from Yokohama. We built a house on our move with a limited knowledge of designing house, bearing a lot of unsatisfaction. For example, we did not place windows at the south-west entrance and so I opened a window next to entrance door by myself just a few days after our settlement. It was an exciting and enjoyable work, however,the house did not function as it were designed at the original design process. We added sun terrace next to living room to improve brightness/illumination of the living room. Actually, now the sun terrace only functions as storing place for bicycles. For the above reason, we decided to rebuild our house and enjoy our future life at here.

相模原市に引越ししてきてから20年がたちました.この今の家を新築するにあたり,何もわからずあれこれ熟考したものの,結果としてはかなり不満が残りました.たとえば南側に窓を置かなかったため,リビングルームが暗い.移転してほんの数日で,南側玄関わきにサッシを買ってきて窓を自分で取り付けました.なかなか出来がよく,気に入りはしたものの,はじめから設定された窓と同じ機能を持ちようもありません.10年ほどまえにリビングルームにサンルームを増設してみましたが,やはり使い勝手が悪く,今ではサンルームは大事な自転車置き場となってます. ここらで,自分で納得できる家を新築して,これからの生活を楽しめるものにしよう,ということで改築を決意しました.

We started our house rebuild project and started to visit house exhibition centers around here since beginning of January 1997, and since then most weekends were just for visiting exhibition centers and meeting with sales persons from several house providers. We made a house build contract with Sekisui House, a largest house provider in Japan. Now, beginning of May 1997, we still spend our weekend visiting a provider for house design or visiting furniture center.

1月より,殆ど毎週週末は住宅展示場の見学と,セールスマンとの打ち合せで費やされました.2月下旬には購入する会社を積水ハウスに決め,以来仕様決めのためやはり週末は殆どつぶれてしまいます.5月になった今でも仕様決めや展示場・家具屋の見学などで費やされています.家の新築というのはかなりエネルギーのいる仕事だなあ,というのが実感. 契約時期から考えると5月に工事開始も可能だったけれど,移転時期を6月末と決めたため,通常の場合よりも2ヶ月ほど考える余裕を持てました.

Though we have a lot of policy for building a house from our experiences, I would like to address my personal policy for radio. I need a room to place 8m roof tower on the roof, and a radio room and wanted to have work spaces if possible. In Japanese tradition, it is very rare for a husband to have his own (independent) room. Nor wife has her room. Funny to say, children tend to have their rooms. Funny such custom might have been introduced due to size of the house, and Japanese education system.


The picture of the above is the house model made by Sekisui House after completion of house design. 2/3 of the roof is the flat space for playground (joking) and antenna tower will be build at the center. Payment for the space is very expensive, some tens times of the cost of roof tower(!), however, I love to have it in any cost.

というわけで,ほぼ家の仕様が決まり,住宅会社で作ってきた家の模型がこれです. 先の希望を生かすために,屋根の2/3に屋上を設けました.ここにルーフタワーを建てるわけです.最初はアンテナが立つだけのほんの小さい屋上だったのが,最終的にはかなり広いスペースの屋上となり,かなりの出費となってしまいました.(大体ルーフタワー本体の何十倍もの価格アップ)いいものは価格には代えられないもので,なかなか気に入りました.

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