New House


House Rebuilding Project/家の改築プロジェクト Nearly 20 years past since we moved to Sagamihara City from Yokohama, and thus we started to consider building a new house from early 1997. The pic left was a minuture model of our house plan desigmned by Sekisui House, one of the biggest house manufacturer in Japan. The work begun from July 97 and completed by the end of October. A thought to rebuild a house is shown in House Rebuilding Project .

相模原市に引越ししてきてから20年がたち、97年始めより家を建て替えを考え、左の模型のような家を積水ハウスで建てることにしました。97年7月から工事を開始して、10月末に完成。家の新築の動機などは 家の改築プロジェクト に書きました。

Most of the scenes from the old house's being pulled down, to completion of new house was built, were taken by digital still camera since I lived just 1 minutes walk from the house while the construction was made. That means I took pics almost everyday, 1200 pics totally. The pic on the left were taken from the behind on 13 Aug 97 and 31 Aug 99 respectively.


We moved to new house on early November 1997. The pic shown was 15 Jan 1998 when big snow storm came on last night.


The pic is drawn by me to demonstrate new antenna tower construction.


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