Portable Antenna Base


Easy Assembling Antenna Base System

The base system is consist of 8 L-angles and one steel pipe, 50 mm in dia.
4 angles are bolted at each end of the pipe. 4 angles attached to pipe bottom end spread over ground plane. Other 4 angles at pipe top are for stays and are bolted to each bottom angles by 4 butterfly nuts.
When the base is stored as in the photo on the left, these 4 butterfly nuts are untighten. Assembling antenna base is just inverse of the operation, that is ,bolt and tighten 4 butterfly nuts. Picture on the right shows assembling base.
Photo on the left: JA1JTA / Mike Yamamoto at Kanuma City, Tochigi. Photo taken by JL2DMG on 9 June, 1996.


市販のL型アングル8本をコンジットパイプの底辺4個所と、パイプ頂部にステー用として4個所にネジ止めします。底部の4本のアングルとステー用のアングルとは4本の蝶ネジで、組み立て時に接続します。 この蝶ネジをはずすと、左側の写真のように、簡単に小さく折りたためます。

1995年6月9日 栃木県鹿沼市にて JL2DMG撮影

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