Portable Inverted Vee Antenna(Alligator Antenna)


Portable Inverted Vee Antenna used with Easy Assembling Antenna Base

This multi band antenna is composed of several antenna elements, whose ends are connected to other element using alligator clips. By connecting/disconnecting alligator clip, the antenna element becomes longer/shorter so that resultant antenna element tunes to desired frequency band.
The center pole is 5 meter long and adjustable. To change frequency band, simply shorten center pole and connect/disconnect alligator clips and then put up antenna in the air again. Once element lengths have chosen to minimize VSWR, no readjustment is required. In addition, the antenna is expected to be very efficient by its full size feature.
The antenna is originally created by Mr.H.Nakahara/ JJ1XDL, and many attempts have been made successfully.
The figure shown above is an example of 28/21/14/7/3.5MHz multiband inverted Vee. Each element forms one quarter wave length, thus 10 meter in total element will be required for 3.5MHz.



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