35 Years Anniversary 2nd Page 1965-1972

アマチュア無線局 JA1JTA 35周年 ページ 2 1965-1972

50Mc(6m) Mobile Operation at Mt.Tanzawa in 1965 or 66. The rig is homebrew transistorized transceiver with 2SC30pp Power Amplifier. The AM output power is about 1.5 W.



Block Diagrams shown bellows are from station license file of 1970. Those experimental transmitters were made while my university age and following years.
Those transmitters might be quite funny if you look from today's technology point of view. 435MHz output from Varactor tripler is funny, and 10GHz from Krystron which is forced to tune ham band by enlarging diaphragm, is of course funny.

I moved to Kanagawa for job. The company dormitory was at Fujigaoka, northern part or Yokohama. Bought a new rig FTDX400, state-of-the-art transceiver, and Mosley TA-33 triband Yagi Antenna. Those new rig and antenna made me crazy for DX race. But also this was just entrance of ending homebrew era, or experimental era.

会社へ入って横浜の藤が丘(当時は港北区,すぐに緑区になった)の独身寮に入り,すぐにFTDX400とMOSLEYのTA33を買う.FTDX400は当時最高のトランシーバで確か11万5千円もした.給料は3万円くらいだったか.今の新人の給料と最高級のトランシーバの価格比もにたようなものかも. とまあ,これでしばらくDXを追いかけて遊ぶ.でも,これは次第に押し寄せてきた,”作るより買う”という習慣の始まりだった.

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