Do you know Edwards Jonathan (1703-58)?

He is the famous American Christian theologian.


Do you know Jukes.

He refused to take his children to church, even when they asked to go. He has had 1,026 descendants; 300 were sent to prison for an average term of thirteen years; 190 were public prostitutes; 680 were admitted alcoholics. His family, thus far, has cost the state in excess of $420,000.  They made no contribution to society.

Jonathan Edwards lived in the same state, at the same time as Jukes.

He loved the Lord and saw that his children were in church every Sunday, as he served the Lord to the best of his ability. He has had 929 descendants, and of these 430 were ministers; 86 became university professors; 13 became university presidents; 75 authored good books; 7 were elected to the United States Congress. One was vice president of his nation. His family never cost the state one cent but has contributed immeasurably to the life of plenty in USA today.


Edwards got a letter from the woman who had just become the Christian who lived in the same town.

She wanted to know how she should take care of future preparation.

He wrote preparation in the letter one by one.


He gave her 17 advices.


After he died, a memo was found.

He kept the 70 attention to himself.


The preparation of the religious life is being written here in three points.


I want to read from verse7.


First. The preparation of the religious life is being written here. (5:7)


We don't need to be afraid of about ourselves.

A faith person is the person who can sleep well. (without the illness)

Like Jesus.  He could sleep in the ship even during the storm.

It is the person entrusted to God so.


Second. (5:8)

It is different no anxiety and carelessness.

You must keep to wake up.


Third. (5:9)

You must not make the devil to think Christian doesnft resist.


God should understand it fully, and it You should entrust to God fully.

If you entrust, there is no dreadful thing for you.


Peter says.

Don't run away.

So, stand up.

Protest if you should protest.

You are sent to this world. To family.  To school.  To your company.

Those may be a dangerous place for us. (even a family)

Those may not be the place where a heart feels at ease.

But donft run away.

God gives me the power there.


You are supported by God's power.

Entrust to God and go out.

Let's pray.