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  • Introduction
    - SCMPX plays and executes file format conversion of MPEG Audio files on MS-Windows.
    - It has a decoder and encoder itself, so you don't need Windows ACM.

  • System Requirements (for playing files)
    - A sound card that supports 16bit output (such as SoundBlaster).
    - i 486DX4 or better CPU (for playing MPEG-1/Audio layer-III, Pentium is recommended).

  • What SCMPX can do
    - Realtime playback of MPEG audio stream with high quality sound.
    - Decoding (MPx -> WAV)
    - Encoding (WAV -> MPx)
    - MPEG SPLIT (MPG -> MPA) (*Video CD is not supported.)
    - High quality re-sampling (WAV -> WAV)
    - This program is small enough to play background music while running other applications.

  • I would love to ...
    - receive reports when you find any bugs in SCMPX.
    - know your impression about SCMPX.

    * SCMPX is a free software. If you have any questions, please e-mail me.
    * Use IE or GetRight to safely download these files.


    - Supported MPEG/Audio layer I, II, III -
    Playback/Decoding/Encoding/Mpeg split/Resampling. etc...