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  • Kinect
    HeartRate monitor HeartRate monitor Download
    n/a XV
    Kinect HeartRate monitor can measure your heart rate without invasion easily. This is not a tool for finding bodily abnormal condition, but you may be able to know your health condition. You should consult with a doctor promptly if you are aware of abnormalities yourself.

  • Audio Tool
    xWMAPlay xWMA Player Download
    n/a updated
    12 Oct.2016
    xWMAPlay is a simple audio player for re-playing xWMA. xWMA is a new compressed audio format which was supported from the Microsoft DirectX 2008 March release. xWMAPlay use a new feature of DirectX Audio.

    SCMPX MPEG Audio
    player, converter
    v1.51 updated
    4 Sep.1999
    SCMPX plays and executes file format conversion of MPEG Audio files on Microsoft Windows. It has a decoder and encoder itself, so you don't need ACM. [HTML Manual] [unofficial final release v1.6]

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