Choice of the professional ! !

BK - 6 SAN (6 string)

BK - 8 SAN (8 string)

single neck

22 1/2"scale

pick-up : humbucking(1-pick up)

magnet & wire : u.s. made, powerful clear tone

pickups manufactured by Canopus

volume control, tone control

standard color : brown finish
           3 legs/case

BK-6DN (D-6 )

 BK-8DN (D-8)


22 1/2"scale

body : maple

pick-up : humbucking(1-pick up on each neck)

volume, tone controle, neck selector SW

4 legs / case
standard color : brown finish

Canopus steel guitar has incredible sustain and
great harmonics ! !

Single Neck Hawaiian Steel Guitar

Humbucking Pick Up

YS - 6 CAN (6 string)


YS - 8 CAN (8 string) 


22 1/2"scale

body : maple

pick-up : humbucking(1-pick up)

volume,tone control

standard color : ivory

4 legs / case

"Canopus" has the best harmonics :
Charlie Fukuba

Double Neck Hawaiian Steel Guitar

Humbucking Pick Up

Y S - 6 SDN 


Y S - 8 SDN 



22 1/2"scale

body : maple

pick-up : humbucking(1-pick up on each neck)

volume, tone controle, neck selector SW

4 legs / case
standard color : ivory

"Canopus" has what I want - sweetness of tone :
Alan Akaka

Lap Steel Guitar

YL- 6s 


YL- 7s


YL- 8s




22 1/2"scale

body : maple

pick-up : wide renge, single coil

volume, tone.

stadard color : sunburst


Edmonton, Canada

George Keoki Lake

Ruth Blascsok

Lothar Strach

Mary,  Jamie Philps,  George "Keoki" Lake,  Gary Myers

 Dear Yasu,
 At last, the photographs I promised you, taken in my Studio.Family
 photo's will follow later.I cannot praise your guitars enough.
 The tone
, sustain and ease of harmonics are superb.
 I consider your guitars the best in the world.
 Norman Flecher

 Dear Yasu Kamiya

 Thank you very much for the Canopus YL-6s
steel guitar. It's a very beautiful instrument and
the tone is great,
I like the weight and play-ability.
It's very comfortable on my lap and the stand
is good, too.
You are the #1 steel guitar maker in the
whole world !!
Again, thank you very much for everything
you did forme and hopefully I'll have a chance
to meet you personally some day.
          Canopus YL-6S
         Kevin Kanemoto
          Maui, Hawaii

 Dear Yasu,
 Sorry I have been so long to get you this picture,
 I want to say how sweet the Canopus Y S-8SD is.
 The sound and sweetness of this Guitar is what every
 body has been trying to find for many  years and only
 Canopus has been successfull in achieving the most
 perfect Hawaiian Sound.
  Thank you.
   Bruce Murray

         New Plymouth, New Zealand

          Phone 06-6753-453
           Canopus YS-8SD

 Dear Yasu san
received  (7/28/2011)  the YL6S today .It is a beautiful looking and 
sounding guitar.
  I am very happy with it and will recommend it to all my fellow  players.
    Jim Carter.

         Richmond, Nelson. New Zealand.
            Phone : 03-544-6414
           Canopus  BK-8 SA & YL-6S

 Aloha Yasu-San

 I played a Hawaiian gig last nite using the CANOPUS
 YS-8SD for the first time.
 The guitar was excellent ! I received many compliments
 and also a number of folks in the audience, (musicians),
 had never seen a Canopus previously.
 The instrument certainly intrigued them !
 I want you to know that this guitar has the tone I have
 always been seeking and moreso,
 the workmanship is superb.

 Mahalo. "Keoki"
          George Lake
          Edmonton, Canada

 Hi Yasu,

 What a great guitar!
 I don't know how you managed to make a guitar with such
 great tone and sustain.
 Also like the quality workmanship and finish.
 There are now 3 of your guitars in George Lake's class!
 I bet there will be more in the future.
 It was great doing business with you.
 With a BIG thank you.

 Lothar Strach
          Edmonton, Canada


 Dear Bruce and Linn.

 Thanks for the picture of your beautiful guitar.
 Do you play a lot?
 Yes you did send me the Aloha Oe. We play it too with George,
 usualy at the end of the program.
 I sure like my guitar it sounds beautiful. I think it has the best
 sound of all the guitars in class. George likes to play it whenever
 he gets a chance. I wish I could play as well as he does,
 but I will have to do a lot more practicing. Anyway I'm working on it.
 Wishing you and your wife a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

 Yours truly
 Ruth Blascsok, Canada

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